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Trichoderma brevicompactum sp. nov.

Kraus, G., Druzhinina, I., Gams, W., Bissett, J., Zafari, D., Szakacs, G., Kopchinski, A., Prillinger, H.J., Zare, R. and C. P. Kubicek, 2004
Mycologia, 96(5), 1059 - 1073.
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Trichoderma brevicompactum, a new species, was isolated fromsoil or tree bark in North, Central and South America, includingthe Caribbean Islands, and southwestern and southeastern Asia.Morphological and physiological characters, the internal transcribedspacer regions of the rDNA cluster (ITS1-5.8SrDNA-ITS2) andpartial sequences of translation elongation factor 1-alpha (tef1)are described. Trichoderma brevicompactum is characterized bya pachybasium-type morphology, morphologically resembling othersmall-spored species referable to Trichoderma section Pachybasiumbut with essentially subglobose conidia. It is most closelyrelated phylogenetically to Hypocrea lutea, from which it differsin morphological and physiological characters.

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