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Trichoderma populations from alkaline agricultural soil in the Nile valley, Egypt, consist of only two species

Gherbawy, Y., Druzhinina, I., Shaban, G.M., Wuszkowsky, M., Yaser, M., El-Naghy, M.A., Prillinger, H.-J., and C. P. Kubicek, 2004
Mycological progress 3(3), 211- 218
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The biodiversity of Trichoderma was studied in the Northern half of the Nile valley in Egypt. 20 strains were isolated from 9 different geographic locations, representing 19 different habitats, all with a pH between 7.3 and 8.4. Only T. harzianum (three ITS1/2 haplotypes and three RAPD-genotypes) and the anamorph of Hypocrea orientalis were found. One of the T. harzianum haplotypes (4 strains) is new. The occurence of T. harzianum haplotypes and of H. orientalis appeared to be essentially independent of the habitat (pH, plant, soil type), and also did not correlate with biochemical properties (cellulase and chitinase activity) of the individual strains. These two taxa seem to be indigenous to the Nile valley, their presence not being influenced by the agricultural history of the soils.

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