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Fungal genus Hypocrea/Trichoderma: from barcodes to biodiversity.

J Zhejiang Univ Sci B. 2008 Oct;9(10):753-63.

Fungal genus Hypocrea/Trichoderma: from barcodes to biodiversity.

Kubicek CP, Komon-Zelazowska M, Druzhinina IS.


Institute of Chemical Engineering, Research Area Gene Technology and Applied Biochemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Getreidemarkt 9/E1665, A-1060 Vienna, Austria.


Hypocrea/Trichoderma is a genus of soil-borne or wood-decaying fungi containing members important to mankind as producers of industrial enzymes and biocontrol agents against plant pathogens, but also as opportunistic pathogens of immunocompromised humans and animals, while others can cause damage to cultivated mushroom. With the recent advent of a reliable, BarCode-aided identification system for all known taxa of Trichoderma and Hypocrea, it became now possible to study some of the biological fundamentals of the diversity in this fungal genus in more detail. In this article, we will therefore review recent progress in (1) the understanding of the geographic distribution of individual taxa; (2) mechanisms of speciation leading to development of mushroom diseases and facultative human mycoses; and (3) the possible correlation of specific traits of secondary metabolism and molecular phylogeny.

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