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Meity Sinaga

University: Bogor Agricultural University
Department: Plant Protection
Address: Jl Ubi No 11 KP IPB Baranangsiang I, Bogor 16143, Indonesia
Telephone: 62-251-311822
Scientific interests: Plant Pathology Biological control of Plant Pathogen
Interest in Trichoderma: All Trichoderma spp. and Gliocladium spp.
Curriculum Vitae:
1.Sarjana Pertanian equivalent MSc in Plant Pathology ,1975, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. 2. MSc in Plant Pathology, 1982,University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB), Philippines. 3. PhD in Plant Pathology, 1986, UPLB. 4. Researcher and Lecturer at Bogor Agricultural University,Indonesia. 5. Research Experiences: more in Biological control of plant pathogens.

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