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PhD Roma Gwynn

University: Rationale Biopesticide Consultant
Department: Consultant
Address: 1 Lintlaw Farm Cottages Duns TD11 3QA Scotland UK
Telephone: +44 1361882379
Scientific interests: Trichoderma as biological control agents for use in field against plant pathogens
Interest in Trichoderma: Trichoderms spp. for development of registration data for biological control products
Curriculum Vitae:

Dr Roma Gwynn is a biopesticide specialist working in this area for over 30 years, initially as an insect pathologist research scientist then working for biocontrol companies and is now  an independent specialist. Her expertise is in facilitating the process of getting biopesticide products onto the market; streamlining bio-discovery, product development, registration and marketing. Roma has taken a lead role in the development and registration of many new biopesticide technologies including semio-chemical, botanical and microbial substances.

Roma has been an expert for: EU funded projects for regulation of biocontrol agents, the OECD Biopesticide Steering Group and EU Commission. Roma has also been involved in the development of biopesticide regulatory guidance (FAO microbial, botanical and semio-chemical guidelines, microbial efficacy, botanical active substances, Kenyan biopesticide regulation). Roma is an independent board member for AHDB Horticulture and is an active member of International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association ( and has just been elected as their Vice-President.

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