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PhD Prameela Devi

University: Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
Institute: Indian Agricultural Research Institute,New Delhi
Department: Division of Plant Pathology
Address: Senior Scientist Division of Plant Pathology Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi-110 012 India
Telephone: 09871980304
Fax: 011-25840772
Scientific interests: Morphological and molecular characterisation and DNA barcoding of hyphomycetous fungi
Interest in Trichoderma: 1.Morphological and molecular characterisation, 2.DNA barcoding and 3. Monograph preparation of Indian isolates. List of Publication 1. Prameela Devi T, Kamil D, Prabhakaran N and Pandey P. 2011. Development of genus specific rDNA based marker for detection of Trichoderma species. Journal Mycology and Plant Pathology, 41(4):600-604. 2. Prameela Devi T, Prabhakaran N, Deeba Kamil, Pankaj Pandey and Jyoti Lekha Borah 2012. Characterization of Indian native isolates of Trichoderma spp. and assessment of their bio-control efficiency against plant pathogens. African Journal of Biotechnology 11(85), pp. 15150-15160. 3. Prameela Devi T, N. Prabhakaran, Deeba Kamil, Jyoti Lekha Borah and Pankaj Pandey 2012. Development of species specific markers for detection of Trichoderma species. Vegetos 25(02) (Accepted for publication) 4. 5. T. Prameela Devi*, Prabhakaran N, Deeba Kamil and Jyoti lekha Borah. Development of Species Specific Markers for the identification of Trichoderma asperellum and Trichoderma harzianum 2012. International Conference on Biotechnology: A Rendezvous with Basic Sciences for Global Prosperity (BTBS-2012). (Accepted)

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