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MSc Babak Pakdaman Sardrood

University: Ramin Agriculture and Natural Resources University
Institute: Agricultural Faculty
Department: Phytomedicine-Plant Pathology
Address: Group of Plant Pathology, Department of Phytomedicine, Agricultural Faculty, Ramin Agriculture and Natural Resources University, Mollasani, Ahwaz, Khuzistan, Iran
Telephone: 0098 914 8071770
Scientific interests: I am interested in the relationship between phytochemistry of plants and species of Trichoderma isolated from their phyllosphere and rhizosphere, as well as in Trichoderma genus clusters and Mycotechnology in relation to the biological control of plant pests and diseases
Interest in Trichoderma: Isolation and identification of Trichoderma species living under stressful conditions (saturated soils, hot/cold conditions, aqueous habitats)

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