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sukumar debnath

University: Gauhati University (India)
Institute: Tocklai experimental Station,Jorhat,assam .India.
Department: Microbiology.
Address: Mr.S.Debnath. Microbiologist Tocklai Experimental Station Tea Research Association P.O.Cinnamara.Jorhat-785008.Assam.India
Telephone: -2361258
Fax: -2360759
Scientific interests: 1.Soil microbiology.2.Isolation and characterization of antagonist for bio control of tea fungus diseases.3.Insect pathogenic fungi.4. soil microbial biodiversity.5. Microbiology of tea processing.6.Allelopathy in tea ecosystem.
Interest in Trichoderma: During the course of study on soil microbiology a large number of Trichderma spp and their various isolates were found and subculturesd and mainitained for characterization and future study of their agricultural and commercial utility.Molecular work is essential for characterization but hampared due to infra structural and expertise.I am in need of training in the relevant area.
Curriculum Vitae:
Mr. S.Debnath Date of birth : 1.12.1953. Father: Late L.M.Debnath Mother;Late Asha Lata Debi Educational Qualification: M.Sc. Profesion: Senior Microbiologist. Institution; Tocklai Experimental Station.Jorhat.assam .India. overseas Travel/training:(1) IAC Wageningen The netherland .1994. IPM Training.(2) attended ICOS-2004 Int. conf. on Tea science and culture. Publication: International: 4 National 37. Citizenship: Indian.

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