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PhD Mette Lübeck

University: Aalborg University
Department: Section for Sustainable Biotechnology
Address: 15, Lautrupvang DK-2750 Ballerup Denmark
Telephone: 4599402589
Scientific interests: Screening for hydrolytic enzymes and their genes in microorganisms for biomass degradation and conversion Cloning, expression and production of hydrolytic enzymes and evaluation of hydrolysis capacity Screening for biochemical producing fungi and metabolic engineering Studies of mechanisms of fungal pathogens and their interactions with hosts (or substrates) Genetic diversity of fungi, including detection, identification, taxonomy and characterization of fungi
Interest in Trichoderma: Cell wall degrading enzymes and their genes; Trichoderma as an expression host; Strain recognition and strain identification using molecular tools (UP-PCR and sequencing); member of the EU-project TrichoEST (2002-2005): member of the T. atroviride annotation group
Curriculum Vitae:


Date of birth: 30th November 1963


Section of Sustainable Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Copenhagen Institute of Technology, Aalborg University,

Lautrupvang 15, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark.

Phone: +45 99402589.


Associate Professor


2008 .: Assoc. Professor, Section for Sustainable Biotechnology, CIT-AAU.

2007-2008: Assoc. Professor, BioScience and Technology, BioCentrum, DTU.

2002-2007: Assoc. Professor, Dept of Plant Biology, Section of Plant Pathology, KU-LIFE

1998-2002: Ass. Professor, Dept of Plant Biology, Section of Plant Pathology, KU-LIFE (KVL)

1993-1998: Ph.D. student, Dept of Plant Biology, Section Plant Pathology, KU-LIFE (KVL)

1991-1992: Research assistant, Dept. of Plant Pathology, University of Helsinki, Finland

1990: Research assistant, Dept. of Ecology, Section of Microbiology, KU-LIFE


1989 M.Sc. (cand.agro.) Royal Veterinary- and Agricultural University (KVL).

1998 Ph.D. Department of Plant Biology, Section Plant Pathology, KVL.

2000 "Adjunktp dagogikum" (a one-year study program in educational studies for Associate Professors).


Microbial discovery. Gene and enzyme discovery. Genetic diversity of fungi, including detection, identification, and characterization of fungi and fungal pathogens. Screening for hydrolytic enzymes and their genes in microorganisms for biomass degradation and conversion. Studies of mechanism of microbial interactions with hosts. Studies of enzyme mechanisms e.g. enzyme-substrate specificity, enzyme features e.g. temperature and pH profile.

Comprehensive expertise in microorganisms, cell wall degrading enzymes, gene discovery, cloning and expression of genes in heterologous hosts using a vast array of molecular techniques.


Assoc. Prof. Peter S. Lbeck, Section for Sustainable Biotechnology, AAU, Denmark

Prof. Birgitte Ahring, Bioproducts, Sciences, and Engineering Laboratory, Washington State University, USA

Prof. Dan Funck Jensen, Department of Forest Mycology and Pathology, SLU, Sweden

Assoc. Prof. Birgit Jensen and Assoc. Prof. Ednar Wullf, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, KU-LIFE, Denmark

Prof. J ¸rgen Eilenberg, Department of Agriculture and Ecology, KU-LIFE, Denmark

Prof. Jens Frisvad and Prof. Ulf Thrane, Department of Systems Biology, DTU, Denmark

Prof. Christian P. Kubicek, Institute of Biochemical Technology and Microbiology, TU Wien, Austria

Dr. Sergey Bulat and Dr. Irina Alekhina, Laboratory of Eukaryote Genetics, PNPI, Russia

Prof. Giovanni Vannacci and Dr. Sabrina Saccorro. Department of Plant Pathology, University of Pisa, Italy

Dr. Scott Baker, PNNL, Washington State, US


Participation in more than 30 international congresses, workshops, symposia and meetings:Oral or poster presentations

Invited speaker at international and national congresses, workshops, symposia and meetings.

Teaching experience: Teaching and Supervision at B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. level

Has initiated and been responsible for Ph.D. courses within PCR and genetic transformation techniques of filamentous fungi

Referee for 18 international scientific journals

Referee on international research proposals from: FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds, Austria, and the Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation, Denmark

Member of the international subcommission on Trichoderma and Hypocrea(ICTF Subcommission on Trichoderma) ICTF= International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi. 1998-

Member of the board of the "Jordbrugsvidenskabelige Ph.D. forening" 2006-

2008-present: Leader of the Molecular Laboratory at Section for Sustainable Biotechnology, CIT-AAU

Member of the assessment teams for Ph.D. students and for evaluation of Associate Professors

Member of the Trichoderma atroviride genome annotation project

Partner in the following patent application: "Grass containing genetically modified endophytes". Application no. 00610096.0-2405. Patent no. 191103. Published by the European Patent Office in European Patent Bulletin no. 2002/13.


Safe Organic Vegetables: "Safe organic vegetables and vegetable products by reducing risk factors and sources of fungal contaminants throughout the production chain: the carrot-Alternaria model." 1999-2004. Contract no. QLK1-1999-0986.

TrichoEST: "Functional genomics and proteomics of Trichoderma antagonist strains for industry and agriculture." 2002-2006. Contract no. QLK3-2002-02032.

SUPRABIO: "Sustainable products from economic processing of biomass in highly integrated biorefineries" 2010-2014.


Total number of peer reviewed papers: 30, book chapters: 6, other scientific contributions: 20

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