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Nagamani Adusumilli

University: Osmania
Institute: Post Graduate college of science, Saifabad,Osmania University
Department: Botany
Address: Department of Botany Post Graduate college of science, Saifabad, (osmania university) Hyderabad - 500 004
Telephone: 091-40-23607655
Scientific interests: Taxonomy of fungi Biocontrol of soil borne pathogens
Interest in Trichoderma: Biodiversity of Trichoderma species
Curriculum Vitae:
D.O.B: 008.11.1956 Ph.D. obtained in 1983 Post doctoral scientist at I.R.R.I. Philippines, 1985-1987 worked on Biocontrol of soil borne pathogens of rice using Trichoderma. Pool Officer of C.S.I.R. at ICRISAT 1988-1989. Faculty member of Osmania University since 1989. Published papers on Trichoderma taxonomy, ecology and biocontrol of plant pathogens Reported six species of Trichoderma for the first time from the soils of India. Published a Monograph on Trichoderma for Indian species. pp. 47. (ISBN 81-85211-55-8:2002) Associate Publishers, New Delhi, India. Authored a book entitled "Handbook of soil fungi" pp. 491. (ISBN 81-88237-71-X: 2006, IK. Internatinal, India) In Press

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