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11th European Conference On Fungal Genetics

11th European Conference On Fungal Genetics

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11th European Conference On Fungal Genetics

2012-01-30: ...

Trichoderma: the genomics of opportunistic success

2012-01-30: Nature Reviews Microbiology 9, 749-759 (October 2011) Trichoderma: the genomics of opportunistic success I.S. Druzhinina, V. Seidl-Seiboth, A. Herrera-Estrella, B.A. Horwitz, C.M. Kenerley, E. Monte, P. K. Mukherjee, S. Zeilinger, I.V. Grigoriev & C.P. Kubicek ...

European species of Hypocrea part II and part I

2012-01-30: NEW extensive Hypocrea study published  open access In this Hypocrea survay new 56 hyaline-spored species are described and illustrated in detail, including strain cultures and anamorphs. This work includes 16 new holomorphs, two new teleomorphs and nine anamorphs of species previously described as teleomorphs.       In the previous study of  W. Jaklitsch 19 species of Hypocrea with green ascospores are morphologicaly and phylogeneticaly examined and described, including six new teleomorph and five new anamorph species. ...

Microbiology special issue on Trichoderma

2012-01-30: Microbiology published a special issue in January 2012 in which most of the papers focus on Trichoderma. Trichoderma – from Basic Biology to Biotechnology This issue includes invited reviews and original research manuscripts addressing all aspects from genomics and the molecular basis for mechanisms of mycoparasitism and interactions with plants, to physiology relevant to the biocontrol potential of these fungi. Table of content ...

PCR Protocols

2012-01-19: Usefull: direct link to the PCR protocols from now on also on the first page ...

Welcome to the new version of the!

2008-02-08: Dear users, The website has been recently fully updated. Here we release its beta version in the testing mode. You may read more about new options and services on this page. We will be glad to get your opinion on our work! Thank you! team ...

TrichoCHIT release

2007-09-06: Dear ISTH users, now we release the new tool Tricho CHIT  - an oligonucleotide DNA BarCode for directed screening for superior chitinase producers among ...

TrichoBLAST restored

2007-06-24: Dear  ISTH users, Tricho BLAST has been restored. The updated version of the ISTH database of  Hypocrea/Trichoderma phylogenetic markers will be released together with a new version of portal which is scheduled for end of 2007. Best wishes, ISTH team ...

TrichoBLAST update

2007-06-08: Dear users of Tricho BLAST, due to the annual update of our sequence databases and ISTH portal in general, Tricho BLAST will not be available till Monday, June 25th 2007. We apologize for inconvenience and thank you for understanding, ...

ISTH 2d edition

2007-05-05: ISTH team is currently working on the update of the website design and is updating member area. New release is expected in the end of 2007.

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