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A Multiloci Detector of Phylogenetic Markers

TrichoMARKThis tool is designed for the preliminary diagnosis of the query sequence. It will detect one or several fragments of the user's sequence which correspond to phylogenetic markers stored in the local database. It will also provide a possibility to apply the similarity search to each fragment individually. Note that you can skip the diagnosis of your sequence (which is not recommended) by going directly to the local BLAST

Read more: Kopchinskiy et al., 2005

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Multiloci Database of Phylogenetic Markers

Using this component of the TrichoBLAST v. 1.0 a user will be able to:

  1. retrieve the custom set of vauchered sequences in the FASTA format
  2. search for the particular species, locus or the phylogenetic clade
  3. view the complete database of vauchered sequences

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Distribution of Phylogenetic Markers

List of phylogenetic (barcode) markers used in oligonucleotide barcoding and similarity search

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Other recourses:

What is Phylogenetic Marker?
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